The bomb is made perfectly with a crack or perhaps it is lopsided.  But it still works the same and contains all of the normal ingredients you've come to love!


It may look unassuming, but don't let that fool you. At 6.5 ounces, our bombs are not your average bath bombs!  This bomb is nothing less than heaven!  Hot baths can leave your skin dried out, but our butter bath bomb has generous flecks of shea butter to keep every inch of your skin soft and hydrated.

I'm Gonna Need A Bigger Bomb Butter Bomb

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  • Ingredients: Baking Soda, Citric Acid, Epsom Salt, Shea Butter, Grape Seed Oil, Fragrance Oil, Water

    How To Use: Fill your bathtub with warm water, drop in the bath bomb and lie back to enjoy its lovely fragrance.

  • Peppermint + Mocha - A chocolatey delight for your senses. This signature drink fragrance blends decadent chocolate and peppermint into an irresistible treat. Notes of peppermint and a hint of coconut milk blend with rich chocolate and creamy vanilla.

    *Fall/Winter Collection - Available for a limited time only!